Snapping for a Cause | St. Louis Photographer + Fashion / by Michael Henson

It's been a while since I've written a blog post! That's not because I have been slacking off, quite the contrary, things have been frantically busy! Today, however, I am taking a moment to reminisce about the session I had at a Brentwood, MO clothing store, Refresh Boutique. Refresh is run by Foster-Adopt, a non-profit dedicated to assisted young people in the foster care system through placement, support, counseling, and job opportunities. Working alongside such a great cause made an already exciting session even more meaningful!

I've worked with stylist, Imani Zola, in the past and she approached me about collaborating on another project for Refresh. We were able to get a few models together and schedule an afternoon session at the store. She and I agreed that for the vibe of the store's decor and demographic a washed out, vintage look to the photos would be best. After a couple hours on location and a bit of time in front of my computer, we ended up with a great set of images for use in their social media campaigns and in store wall hangings. Keep an eye out for them when you visit!

Here's a sample of some of the images from that session.

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