Caleb | St. Louis Senior Photographer / by Michael Henson

Fall Photos

Fall = gloom.

At least that’s the way that this fall seems to have worked. From mini-sessions to November’s [re]Fresh Model of the Month, the sun has remained conspicuously hidden. Fortunately, having the proper lighting equipment and knowledge can make everything better! It’s a good thing, too! The Saturday of Caleb’s senior photos promised rain but the showers held off long enough for us to sneak our session in.

Black Suit & a Bow tie

An open field, black suit, and a snazzy bow tie started off the morning followed up by a few shots in the beautiful Forest Park World’s Fair Pavilion. Caleb rocked and posed almost as though he were involved in theater or something at school. (Quick note: He is.) Everything was going so well that the next step was fairly obvious, introduce a sword to the mix! The resulting pictures are very cool and, again, Caleb made everything look great!

Getting Gladitorial

Since we’d already introduced weapons to the setting, we went ahead and had him suit up in his authentic Roman armor. That’s when things really got fun! From silly juxtapositions to frames that look like they are out of a movie, we had an absolute blast! I loved getting to spend some time with Caleb and we were able to create some phenomenal shots.

Take a look around and if you want to work with me to create some awesome-ness that is as much “you” we were able to create with Caleb, shoot me a message! I love trying new things! So, if you have a crazy vision that you would like to try, I’m your man!

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