Adam, Emily & Kids! | St. Louis Family Photographer / by Michael Henson

St. Louis Family Photographer

It started as I drove home. I was on my way to drop my family off before heading to my session with Adam & Emily when the realization that the ridiculous amount of cloud cover and dreariness is going to make our “perfect sunset” scheduled time not so perfect. The result? Raised blood pressure and tightened nerves as I rushed against a deadline I couldn’t control. Fortunately, I was able to safely deposit the family at home and meet Adam & Emily a couple of minutes earlier than originally scheduled. Knowing that the clouds and dreary, overcast lighting wouldn’t translate well into fall photos (you know, the warm, vibrant, “glowy” vibe), I decided to break out my trusty flash and umbrella to use throughout the session. Dialing the intensity of the flash down a bit, I was able to get good lighting that didn’t have that “that-dude’s-obviously-using-a-flash” shine.

After a busy day and the dreaded 20-minute car nap, the youngsters took a minute to wake up but managed to look incredibly cute despite their initial grogginess. Throwing a few leaves and having older sister drag little brother around a bit seemed to brighten them up and by the end of our time, they were more than ready to hit the playground we passed on the way to the park. Naturally, Adam & Emily looked great and were a lot of fun! I had a great time with the family and we ended up with some great shots despite Mother Nature’s attempts to bring us down!