Midnight Reveille - The Rehearsal Session | St. Louis Music Photographer / by Michael Henson

An icy, cold night led to the "I-have-to-take-absolutely-everything-in-one-trip" debacle that I'm sure was quite a sight to behold. Eventually, I made my way through the house to the basement where the sound of sweet, sweet music reverberated. Music and photography, what a combo! 

I knew that I didn't want to hinder the band's rehearsal so I stayed as unobtrusive as possible while meandering around cords, speakers, pedalboards, and (occasionally) the dog. Since I wanted a dramatic look to the photos, I spent a lot of my time ensuring my lighting was providing the results and took my time. By the time they finished their second time through the set, I was done! 

Ears ringing and the blues bouncing around my head, I left. Excited and anxious to check out the day's results, it didn't take me long to do just that. 

The results were great! Thanks to Midnight Reveille for allowing me to intrude upon the sanctity of the rehearsal and get some cool photos! If you're in the St. Louis area and want to hear some stellar music don't hesitate to check these guys out! Rock solid!

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