Ryan & Larissa | St. Louis Wedding Photographer / by Michael Henson

From the first time I saw these two friends of mine together in the context of them as "a couple," I just knew that it felt right. They're fun, they're super smart, and they just seem to be made for each other! Having known Ryan & Larissa for years, it's been fun watching them as they've moved through the various relationship stages and eventually announced their engagement. Since that time, I've had more opportunity to spend with them (check out their engagement pics!) and have had an absolute blast!

We entered the wedding day with gusto and had a good time throughout despite the nerves, the emotional moments, the various member's of the bridal parties headaches (real ones...probably from nerves, late nights, pre-wedding stress, or just not eating...), and the intense prep. As far as I know, everyone survived, Ryan & Larissa did end up hitched, pictures were taken, and they made their getaway. All in all, it went smoothly and I had an absolute blast with these two and their bridal "gang."

Thanks to R & L for letting my lurk about with my camera!

Here's a quick preview of just a few of my favorites. Congrats again!