Chasing the Light | St. Louis Music Photographer / by Michael Henson

A Zesty Evening

Variety and new experiences certainly add zest to life! So, it’s safe to say that last night was a bit…zesty…I had the opportunity to shoot an interview video and get some live shots of a friend’s band, Chasing the Light. As with most of my photo opportunities this fall, the lighting wasn’t the greatest for photos and I had to make adjustments in order to come away with the shots I wanted.

I pondered the best approach while watching the last part of soundcheck and decided that I would prefer to stay a bit further out from the action and us my telephoto lens to get close. This let me stay unobtrusive and helped me keep the focus where I wanted it by blurring out the backgrounds as much as possible. A combination of camera setting tweaks, a steady grip, and a little bit of post-processing magic enabled me to come away with some fun shots that look great!

The More You Know

It just goes to show, knowledge and experience are vital. Without these things, difficult lighting situations, poor weather, or ugly venues can ruin what might otherwise be an amazing photo opportunity.

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Enjoy the pics and be on the lookout for the interview in the near future!