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Quick Tips for Beginning Your Wedding Planning by Michael Henson

How do I start!?!?

That's possibly the most common question in the entire wedding industry. It seems simple, but it's overwhelming once you start looking at all the moving pieces you must put together. To shed a little bit of light on the question, I asked a couple local St. Louis wedding professionals to weigh in with their experience and expertise.

Some quick tips from Inspired Design Wedding Events, a 14 year veteran in the industry, include:

  1. Budget // How much do you want to spend? Who is contributing?
  2. Goals // What are your goals for the event? If it's just to "get hitched" you could do that at a courthouse! What do you want to get out of the event itself? Photos, memories, time with family? 
  3. Important Elements // What is most important to each member in the couple? Don't just assume that you both care about the same things!

I also had a couple questions that I sent over to VSM Event Creations and Vanessa gave me some great feedback as well. Budget topped the list and she mentioned some incredible resources for those struggling with budgeting - The Knot & WeddingWire are great starting sources. In addition, she mentioned:

  1. Venue // The next step when getting into the "nitty-gritty" is to look at your ceremony and reception venues and get them booked. She suggests making a list of the top 3 places you'd like to check out and to start communicating with them as soon as possible.
  2. Wedding Planner // Hiring a wedding planner is an investment in your sanity. They can certainly help in choosing high quality vendors and really help out with the tiny details that make your wedding everything you want it to be!

Hopefully, this is beneficial and gives you a bit of direction as you start planning your St. Louis wedding! If you have other topics you'd like to chat about, shoot me a message or drop me a comment. Also, check out our bridal resource group on Facebook and join up!


St. Louis Wedding Venues | Six Incredible Venues to Check Out! by Michael Henson

St. Louis Wedding Venues

Perhaps one of the most impactful decisions you will make in your wedding planning process is the decision regarding which venue(s) you will use for your ceremony and reception. In the midst of figuring everything else out, that singular decision can be absolutely overwhelming!

I mean, you have to think about themes, colors, food and beverage options, is the place interesting or meaningful, how much space is there, what's included...the list is lengthy at best! Well, I've decided that I'd like to do a little bit to help you along the way. As such, I've compiled a list of quite a few of the most interesting and in demand wedding/reception venues and am working through them to get some of the most important information for you gathered into one place. It's a much larger undertaking that I imagined it would, so rather than taking forever to create a huge list, I'm going to move forward with sharing six of my favorites with you and then will be periodically adding a few more in subsequent blog posts (so keep checking back!) 

If you have a venue you would like to learn more about or think should be added, just let me know! 

So, without further ado, I give you.....drum roll....the first six!

The Majorette

This St. Louis wedding venue is a brand new space designed by the minds behind the Boo Cat Club and features a huge, open floor plan with tons of room for dancing and tons of really cool amenities. Some of those traits that differentiate The Majorette from other St. Louis wedding venues include a large deck, a mezzanine, a well-appointed bridal lounge, a marble staircase (um, photo opps anyone?), and beautiful lighting. Pricing falls into the lower mid-range category with non-Saturdays running $3,000 and Saturday’s starting at $4,500 for the main floor + mezzanine. Other amenities available for additional cost include uplighting, in-house event planning, valet parking, and other.

Food/beverage spend is determined by the caterer, however, there is a $500 minimum charge if you choose to use a non-preferred caterer.

Capacity is 600 total and 400 seated. Included in the venue rental is parking, lounge access, deck access, wireless mics, bar staff, event security, projector and 15’ x 9’ screen, lighting and sound, tables, chairs, clerestory, LED lights.

To reserve this space or for any questions, you can call 314.224 5775 or email them at You can also visit for more information!

The City Museum

If you are familiar with St. Louis attractions at all you’ve probably heard of the City Museum. It’s an incredible attraction that blows you away from the moment you pull into the parking lot. From the installations on the roof to the wire tunnels suspended dozens of feet above the ground, it is exciting and completely unique. In addition, it offers incredible spaces for weddings and events, and access to an attraction that guests can explore that is special and different from any other  St. Louis wedding venue.

Once you start digging into pricing, the City Museum becomes even more attractive. Definitely falling into the more budget friendly range for incredible St. Louis wedding venues, it runs anywhere from $1,000-$3,300 (plus tax) depending on the space requested, the date, and the time of day). They do require you use an approved caterer and all food & beverage policies are provided by the your chosen caterer.

The spaces they offer can hold anywhere from 30-2,000 guests and include up to five hours of private use, tables, chairs, and admission to the museum for your guests.

For further details and to reserve space at the City Museum, call 314.231.2489 (x11&) or email Kelly at For more details about the City Museum, you can visit

The Foundry Art Centre

If you’re looking for something unique, spacious, and near to some historic spaces and a thriving nightlife, The Foundry might be the St. Louis wedding venue for you! What makes it unique? Well, it’s that it’s a functioning art center and not just a wedding venue. The architecture of the building is actually a converted train car factory located on historic main street in Old Town St. Charles, MO. This makes it easy for guest to find things to do before the event, and provides the bride and groom many options for pictures, etc.

Pricing falls into a relatively budget friendly range with Saturday rentals starting at $3,500 during peak season. (April - December), and $2800 any other day of the week and Saturdays in the winter months (Jan. - March). Any additional requirements regarding food/beverage spend must be discussed by the caterers themselves. The Foundry has five preferred caterers that you can choose from, and provides bar service with pricing ranging from $12-$20 per person.

Their capacity is up to 400 seated and they provide all tables, chairs, projector, and sound system.

To reserve, call The Foundry and ask to speak to Melanie Sanders at 636.255.0270 and visit for more information.

The Caramel Room at Bissinger's

Heather Roth Fine Art Photography // Planned by Absolutely In! Events

Heather Roth Fine Art Photography // Planned by Absolutely In! Events

If you are looking for a higher budget option that’s an absolutely incredible St. Louis wedding venue, The Caramel Room at Bissinger’s might just fit the bill. It blends equal amounts of chic and innovation as St. Louis’ newest event venue. Beaming natural light, hardwood floors, a 4,500 sq. ft. outdoor terrace featuring river and skyline views, state of the art lighting, and chocolate-infused culinary adventures, are all encompassed within a working chocolate factory.

Pricing is based on their full service packages including bar, hors d'oeuvres, plated dinners and service charges start at $125 per person plus tax. Their minimum food/beverage spend runs $25,000 on a Saturday evening or holiday weekends, $15,000 on a Friday evening, $10,000 on a Sunday evening, $1,500 weeknight room rental plus food and beverage. Interested in capacity?Without a dance floor, they can accommodate 400 guests. With a dance floor they can accommodate up to 320 guests.

Venue rental includes private use of The Caramel Room and terrace, full service by Bissinger’s staff, parking, tableware (china, flatware, glassware), tables, chairs, sound system and microphones, multiple screens and a projector in the main ballroom.

Interested in reserving or have a few questions? You can call at 314-615-2480, send an email to or visit for more information.

The Moulin

This is another incredible, historic St. Louis wedding venue rocking incredible brick, hardwood floors, beams, and doors from 1876. They have managed to preserve amazing rustic charm while providing functional modern capacity. There are 8 private event spaces, each very different from the next, and in addition have public areas which enrich the private event's experience. The Moulin’s sister restaurant Vin de Set is on the top floor with an amazing rooftop area, breathtaking views of the arch and downtown not to mention delicious French-American cuisine.  Not your style? PW Pizza is a non-traditional pizza shop on the first floor featuring amazing house-made pies, sandwiches, salads, etc. Still not digging it? Check out 21st Street Brewers Bar. It is located in the basement and offers an expansive selection of local and craft brews. Plus, there is an outside beer garden is THE place to be after weddings and private events---stays open until 2am on Saturdays!

All of the weddings held at the Moulin are fully planned and organized by one of our professional on site planners and all set-up and tear down is included. A bridal attendant is there for each couple and handles their specific needs such as help in the restroom, an exit out of a long and boring conversation or just a strong need for one more BBQ Shrimp left over from the cocktail hour! The staff’s goal is that the couple and families are TRULY guests at their own wedding! Catering is all onsite and is hand crafted in their kitchen and offers more of a restaurant style experience.  

Pricing varies…with 8 different options of different sizes it can range from $250-2300 depending on day, timing and room combinations.  This is in addition to food, beverage, service charges and taxes. Regarding minimums, they do not have a set minimum in place as we work with a variety of budgets.  Capacity can fluctuate quite a bit due to the flexibility offered by 8 different venues within The Moulin. Typically between 20-300 is most common however restaurant buy outs and room combinations with no seating can expand this capacity upwards of 600 using multiple floors.  

What’s included? House chairs, house tables, house table clothes, black or white napkins, flatware, china, glass stem ware, (3) votives per guest table and a copper "trivet" or mirror to go under florals.

Interested in reserving your date or have more questions? Just give them a call at 314.241.4949 or visit

Third Degree Glass Factory

Last but not least in our inaugural list of incredible St. Louis wedding venues, Third Degree Glass Factory is housed in a working glass studio and art gallery. The galleries and studios have been carefully restored and transformed into urban art galleries.  They have over 6,000 square feet of open space can accommodate up to roughly 275 guests for a seated dinner or up to 500+ for a cocktail-style party. In addition, they offer something not offered anywhere else! A couple can have a live Glass Blowing Demonstration at their wedding or they can have a custom Glass Ceremony. The Glass Ceremony is similar to a sand ceremony. However, instead of using sand, they use color glass crystals that can then be brought back to the glass studio and crafted into a custom glass piece for use or display. (Click here for a couple examples and a more in-depth explanation of the Glass Ceremony.)

Pricing varies quite a bit depending on the amount of space needed and the number of galleries you would like access to. In general, pricing starts about $2,000-$2,800 for both galleries and goes up if you are looking to add catering. The only time there is a minimum food/beverage spend is on Saturdays. It is $6,000.

Capacity is 250 seated and 500 if you are only looking for standing room for a reception, etc. Amenities included in your rental include tables, chairs, an events coordinator, parking and a lot attendant with a golf cart that can transport guests, and an outdoor patio.

To reserve, give them a call at 314.367.4527 and for more information visit

There you have 'em!

Hopefully, this was valuable and gives you some ideas for places to look for your St. Louis wedding venue. If you have any others you would like added to the list, leave a comment or shoot me an email!

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And, finally, if you are a St. Louis bride caught in the throes of wedding planning and are looking for some support, check out our St. Louis Brides resource group on Facebook! You'll love it!