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Glamour, Fashion & a Wall | [re]Fresh Model of the Month | March by Michael Henson

For the most part, I'm a pessimist. I spend about 75% of a photo shoot second guessing myself, knowing that I got the shot, but wondering if I GOT THE SHOT that I envisioned in my head. Much like a musician being able to hear a great lick in their heads but struggling to translate it to instrument, I like to fight myself.

This was not the case at our latest photo session at [re]Fresh Boutique. Abby, the model absolutely KILLED it! She was easy to work with, easy to pose, and completely comfortable in front of the camera. 

I'll let the images speak for themselves...

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[re]Fresh Model of the Month - St. Louis Fashion Photographer by Michael Henson

Well, it's Thanksgiving weekend and amongst the turkey, dressing, and pumpkin pie, I have another batch of photos from my [re]Fresh session to share with everyone!

This month's model was fresh from a business trip to Detroit and still managed to completely kill it the whole evening! We had a blast with Christmas decorations and winter clothing and even had a few of the fabled [re]Fresh volunteers hanging out to help with wardrobe and decor.

Check out the video for a very quick behind-the-scenes look at the session and bebop on over to [re]Fresh's website to submit your application to get in on the fun!

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Cake Smash with the Twins | St. Louis Family Photographer by Michael Henson

A First!

When I was given the opportunity to take photos for a cake smash session featuring one-year-old twin boys, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect! I knew that there would be cake and the smashing of said cake, but beyond that? I dunno! As with any of my photo sessions, I spent a good deal of time looking for inspiration and thinking about how I wanted to approach it.

I showed up a bit early to the session with a solid game plan and a lot of excitement. Once we got mom, dad, and the twins ready, we started off with a few shots in the backyard. I was able to track down a vintage Radio Flyer wagon, add a blanket and a couple Winnie the Pooh bears, the twins, and you have a great combination for some classic baby cuteness! When the boys weren’t focused on waving at every car that drove by (they’re a friendly crew!), we snagged a couple great photos and moved inside for the part that everyone had been waiting for.

Cake Smash

The cake smash area was set up in front of the perfect wall, on top of the perfect table (love the reflections!). While the twins were prepped, I got my trusty studio lighting ready to go, and then we let the smashing begin! After several moments of tentativeness, the boys got into it and got their hands dirty. A few short moments later and it was all over!

Now that it's over and I've had some time to reflect, I must say, I had a blast! I mean, babies are cute anyway but add some sugar and some icing and you have quite the combo! I’m certainly looking forward to my next one!

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Ryan & Larissa | St. Louis Wedding Photographer by Michael Henson

From the first time I saw these two friends of mine together in the context of them as "a couple," I just knew that it felt right. They're fun, they're super smart, and they just seem to be made for each other! Having known Ryan & Larissa for years, it's been fun watching them as they've moved through the various relationship stages and eventually announced their engagement. Since that time, I've had more opportunity to spend with them (check out their engagement pics!) and have had an absolute blast!

We entered the wedding day with gusto and had a good time throughout despite the nerves, the emotional moments, the various member's of the bridal parties headaches (real ones...probably from nerves, late nights, pre-wedding stress, or just not eating...), and the intense prep. As far as I know, everyone survived, Ryan & Larissa did end up hitched, pictures were taken, and they made their getaway. All in all, it went smoothly and I had an absolute blast with these two and their bridal "gang."

Thanks to R & L for letting my lurk about with my camera!

Here's a quick preview of just a few of my favorites. Congrats again!

Chasing the Light | St. Louis Music Photographer by Michael Henson

A Zesty Evening

Variety and new experiences certainly add zest to life! So, it’s safe to say that last night was a bit…zesty…I had the opportunity to shoot an interview video and get some live shots of a friend’s band, Chasing the Light. As with most of my photo opportunities this fall, the lighting wasn’t the greatest for photos and I had to make adjustments in order to come away with the shots I wanted.

I pondered the best approach while watching the last part of soundcheck and decided that I would prefer to stay a bit further out from the action and us my telephoto lens to get close. This let me stay unobtrusive and helped me keep the focus where I wanted it by blurring out the backgrounds as much as possible. A combination of camera setting tweaks, a steady grip, and a little bit of post-processing magic enabled me to come away with some fun shots that look great!

The More You Know

It just goes to show, knowledge and experience are vital. Without these things, difficult lighting situations, poor weather, or ugly venues can ruin what might otherwise be an amazing photo opportunity.

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Enjoy the pics and be on the lookout for the interview in the near future!