stl rustic wedding photography

An Open Letter to the Bride Looking For More by Michael Henson

Dear Bride-To-Be,

Maybe I'm crazy, but I looked around the St. Louis wedding market and struggled to find something unique, creative, and artistic. Sure, you can find incredibly beautiful photography! You can get photos taken of you that look as though they belong in a magazine, and you can experience services that the photographer providing them rightfully describes as luxurious, chic, and upscale. 

Just one question, is that you?

See, it's easy to find incredible photography, but is it easy to find something that speaks to you? To your lifestyle, creativity, eccentricities, and the unique-ness that all combine to form your identity? Can you easily find a photographer that validates your identity, celebrates your creativity, and tells the love story that is yours alone? That's a task that is much more difficult, and its the one that I tackle.

My purpose is to provide what others have not. A photographic style that is beautiful, understated, and 100% focused on you and your story. You won't be the canvas that I force my latest experiment or the trending photographic technique on. Instead, your photos will not only preserve your heritage, they will do it justice. They will celebrate the patina that time has left on you and your life's story. Like the beauty and individualism of a handcrafted heirloom, quality leather, or lovingly created piece of art, the flaws, the rough edges that make up your story - that make you completely unique - will be captured. And that's what is so captivating.

You plan for months, maybe even years, for this one day. Then you have a shadow.  Someone follows you around capturing you at your most vulnerable, nervous, excited, and emotional. You deserve someone that is going to be a calming, relaxing influence. Someone that's quick with a smile and mischievous wink. Someone that can help put out fires, capture the important stuff, provide some comedic relief, and, most importantly, remind you exactly why you are here today. To ink a new chapter heading on the page, to celebrate the love that draws two stories from the sidelines to run together along the same track for the rest of your lives...The important stuff...

We're human, you and I. While I love the shots (and take my fair share) featuring tiny people in an epic landscape, the images and moments that really matter to me are those that feature humanity. The love two people celebrate on their wedding day. The hope for the future, the nerves about the same, the excitement, the tears...these raw, honest moments are the moments worth remembering. These are the moments you cherish.

These are the moments, the style, and the benefits that I provide. I would love to join you on this adventure! Thank you so much for considering Henson Creative, St. Louis' only photographer for the creatives, adventurers, and wanderers.