These days, image is everything. Every individual is now a brand and branding begins with your online image. When we work together, I approach our session from this perspective and act as a director or storyteller. I use who you are, your expressions, your personality, and sense of style to create images that are uniquely, beautifully you.

In order to do this, we shoot between 2-4 different looks. This gives you a variety of images to select from and ensures all of our “bases are covered.” As we are shooting, we will continually review a images together so you get a feel for how the session is going, can make adjustments or requests along the way, etc. By the end of the session, you will know exactly what you will be getting from me. I'm a huge proponent of “simpler = better.” The cleaner and simpler your headshot is, the more the viewer, whoever that may be, will focus on you.

My goal is to capture your authenticity, personality, approachability, confidence, sense of humor, and trustworthiness. It’s not just about a photo. I want people to immediately connect with your image and call your business or approach you at a gathering or event because they’ve recognized you from your website or LinkedIn profile. I want a casting director to drop everything and call you in because there’s something powerful captured in your eyes. I want - my goal - is to inspire trust, connection, interest, and curiosity about you and compel people to connect and hear what you have to offer. This is my job, I take it very seriously, because I know the power of branding and know that you and I can create an image that will help move you and your life’s purpose forward.

Whether you are a professional, executive, actor or actress or someone who merely wants to update their image on social media - Basically, if you are serious about the way others perceive you - professional headshots are imperative!

Basic Guidelines

Quick tips to help you look your absolute best:

  • Get plenty of sleep in the days before your headshot session and stay hydrated.

  • Don’t go out drinking the night before.

  • Don’t do anything crazy with your hair the week before the session.

Remember your goal is to look like you normally do on your very best day!


For our session, I ask that you bring a bunch of different looks (2-7) depending upon which session you choose. Fortunately, you pretty much only need to bring shirts/blouses. Guys can bring less, but always bring your favorites. The happier and more comfortable you are with your clothing selections, the more confident you will be on camera - and thus the happier you will be with the final product.

Be yourself! Don’t be afraid to mix it up with different cuts, colors, layers and textures. Bring a wide variety of colors and don’t be seasonal. Quick note, you will want to avoid bulky, baggy or puffy clothing, excessive jewelry, or anything that is overly embroidered. Also, please wear appropriate, neutral colored brassieres. Any shot where your bra strap or an outline is showing is a no-no.

Your headshot should reflect your personality and I want clothing that will jive with who you are as well as project confidence and approachability.

Makeup & Grooming

Both men & women, pleasure make sure that your eyebrows are well groomed for our shoot!


Women must wear makeup. If you would like me to provide a makeup artist for the session, I can do so for an additional cost. If you are going to do your own, I would suggest you start off light and very naturally to give yourself a clean look. We can always add on as the session progresses.

You are responsible for your hair. The only thing I ask is that your hair is ready when you walk in the door. Our time is limited and I want you to get the most out of your session, so having that done prior to your arrival is VITAL. Your hair in your headshot should match the way you will look in person or at a business presentation. We may put your hair up or down during the session for a different look so bring whatever styling tools you may need.


It is not required, but I can also provide a makeup artist for men as well for an additional charge. Haircuts are important, however, and I recommend getting one a few days before our session (not the morning of). If you normally wear a couple of days growth on your face…leave it. Bring a razor with you and we can always shoot some at the end of the session clean-shaven.