Client List Includes —

Urshan College
RIA Oasis
New Life Academy St. Louis
Refresh Boutique
Matilda Jane Boutique
Enact Wellness
McCormack Baron
Connect Marketing
& many more



Michael is a passionate commercial photographer, video creator, and storyteller in St. Louis, Missouri. He enjoys creating content that tells the story of the individual, corporation, couple, or event he’s covering.

He has spent years going to school pursuing a career in business (and have the student loans to prove it!), but he left behind education and the world of corporate cubicle farms and homogeneous anonymity in favor of a camera and a life pursuing creative expression.

Authenticity comes from trusting the person on the other side of the lens – Michael goes the extra mile to create a relationship with his clients and it made all the difference for me & my business!
— Kristin Schmidt, RIA Oasis